"Rheinhattan Niemals!"

“Urbane Widerständigkeit am Beispiel des Basler Rheinhafen Areal” analyzes the current situation around the Basler harbor, where young entrepreneurs, squatters, hippies, artists, immigrants and expats, and the main Swiss pharmaceutical industries claim their right to live, to develop, to build and to grow, in absolutely divergent ways. The result is a highly complex clash among irreconciliable forces, embodied in a vast surface located at the northern part of the city, where opposed ways of life, economic backgrounds and deep-rooted principles on development, coexistence and growth fight for their right to dwell.

Written by Reto Bürgin, Aline Schoch, Peter Sutter, Hector Schmassmann and Ueli Mäder (a prominent figure in this field) with the collaboration of Petra Huser and Nina Schweizer, this book examines in detail the complex situation of this critical spot on the Basler map and the political and socioeconomic stages that led to this unique environment.

Client: University of Basel.

Coordination: Nina Schweizer & Ueli Mäder.

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