I am supposed to write something about me in this section so here it goes!

I hold a theory-and-practice-based multidisciplinary training in visual communication and art history. 

My professional skills include photography, video, editing and post-production, graphic design, and 360º immersive mediums. Furthermore, I also have experience in marketing, corporate communication and e-commerce.    

I have successfully pulled off all kind of adventurous projects from their conceptualization face to their final implementation in different parts of the world, either alone-but-armed with my gear or teaming up with other companies that were intrepid enough to have me on board. 

I strongly believe that each creation process is always a growth story whose success depends on full commitment, daily strive, constant proactivity, willingness to listen, to try and to learn, and passion for challenges that lay far from your comfort zone.  

As of today, I have dared to dream, embraced epic fail, and stayed curious {and nerd} in my career and life. The result is, so far, a fantastic personal and professional voyage. 

Welcome to my website, dear stranger!

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