Dianalogues No. 1: Thorugh a woman’s Lens.

As an 80’s child, analog photography represents the birth of my visual ramble and of my professional activity, so as such, it also feels like that old fellow of mine I do not want to leave behind, despite the great advantages of digital photography.

I reached the summit of my analog experimentations the day I first entered in the amazing world of Lomography. After years of snapshots and hundreds of lomographies, I was selected to be part of a compilation of visual and written stories told by female medium format lomographers from all over the world. The outcome consisted of a hardcover book edited by Lomography and the Paris-based boutique Colette, an exclusive photo exhibition at the Paris Fashion Week, and a limited edition Diana F+ Colette camera with my surname written on the frontal ring of the lens.

The book included a series of multiple-exposure B/W and color medium format images and a short explanatory text.

Curators: Lomography and Colette.

Coordination: Pasquale Caprile & Christina Hinrichsen.

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