Making A Difference the Swiss Way. The Impact of the FHNW School of Business's Internationalization Strategy.

This publication intends to show the diverse levels of internationalization incorporated at the FHNW School of Business, the impact it has on the quality of the programs, and the professional opportunities for its graduates.

The goal behind this project is to support the Internationalization of Switzerland's education, research, and innovation.

Client: FHNW School of Business.

Concept, editing, and project management: Patrick Rickenbach.

Coordination and Art Direction: Benedikt Jäggi & Michael Renner.

Design and Illustrations: Students of the Master of Arts Visual Communication and Iconic Research and the service of the platform of the Institute of Visual Communication of the FHNW Academy of Art and Design: Meret Buser, Sonja Malpeso, Aaron Ritschard, Arianna Smaron, Laura Tobler & Ieva Zuklyte.

Special thanks to Gwendolyn Nützi for her support.

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