“Uuse uff d’Strooss!” Die Baser Fibel für (Vergessene) Strassenspiele.

In Basel, we believe our streets should belong to means of transportation and people equally and the latter not only refers to adults. Children must have the right to play outside and develop their mental, physical, and social skills on the streets, using the urban landscape as a vast safe playground in carefully chosen areas throughout the city.

For such a purpose, the Urban Planning Department in collaboration with the Traffic Department of the Canton Basel-Stadt and the Kinderbüro Basel published in 2015 the Basler handbook of street games, a compilation of outdoors urban activities for children of different ages and groups of varied number of members. The playful layout design with its colorful images and explanatory texts and icons invites the young* reader/s to resume a variety of long forgotten games, such as skipping, hopscotch or marbles.

Both the printed and the digital PDF editions are for free and can be either downloaded here or picked up at the Kinderbüro Basel as well as on every kids corners of the main cafes and restaurants in the city.

Client: Bau- und Verkehrsdepartement / Planungsamt Kanton Basel-Stadt.

Coordination: Nina Schweizer.

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“Uuse uff d’Strooss!”

“Uuse uff d’Strooss!”

“Uuse uff d’Strooss!”

“Uuse uff d’Strooss!”

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